AI & MAchine Learning in HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE.


Healthcare will always be built on the patient’s relationship with their doctors and carers. But that doesn’t mean that AI & data analytics is not a meaningful life-saving medical technology for the 21st century.

With the power to group patient history, hospital treatment options, and area information, you have endless opportunities to work with T-DAB.AI to create potentially life-saving applications.

AI & ML in the Healthcare Industry

Intelligent Care

AI in healthcare is shifting from machine workflows in medical facilities to becoming a powerful healthcare tool that supports doctors and institutions as they deal with increasingly severe and challenging workloads. Decision support is an example of AI that helps doctors on the ground. Through powerful, interactive visualisations, it can support clinical decision-making, such as treatment simulations, diagnoses, and treatment planning.

Predictive Diagnosis

Using similar technology to detect objects in aerial photographs, machine learning & computer vision can learn to see and access relevant objects in medical imaging. By training AI on reading medical scans, x-rays, and camera images, an analytical tool can, in some cases, be more effective than medical staff in the detection of abnormalities. Among other resources, machine learning tools draw from X-ray and blood test data. Such technology has been effective in early cancer diagnosis by recognizing early signs before doctors do.


AI & Machine Learning in Healthcare

Research & Natural Language Processing (NLP)

AI in medicine is driven on its ability to help doctors make better decisions, effectively manage patient data and information, create personalized medical plans from complex data sets, and discover new medicines. Natural Language Processing & AI in healthcare helps doctors make better decisions by detecting health complications with human-level accuracy, research multiple documents to create new solutions and disseminate information through automated reporting.

AI Powered Medical Assistants

In an industry where time is vital, algorithmic architectures can be used to achieve human-level intelligence in medicine. Ready built applications can act as a personal assistant and answer real-time medical and health questions from consumers and doctors without the need for a doctor, nurse, or other human intervention, expediting a course of treatment.


Enhance care and medical support with data & AI today

Patient care is your number 1 top priority and it can be challenging to explore value adding services.

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