This analysis is conducted by T-DAB.AI (T-DAB) based on data from Person Centred Software (PCS). It allows the reader to follow the state of Covid-19 testing in care homes across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Below is a snapshot of the interactive dashboard that allows the user to explore the story of testing across this area combined, as well as within specific regions.

It will be updated regularly and expanded to include detailed data and analysis on carers in the residential setting, resident mortality, and comparison of testing rates in staff and residents.

To access the interactive dashboard with the latest information and additional features, please register for access.

analysis snapshot from: 10.10.20

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Covid-19 Care Home Testing Tracker

If quoting this data please note: This new research comes from T-DAB.AI and is based on data from PCS, one of the leading suppliers of near real time management information systems to the care home sector.


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Person Centred Software (PCS) is one of the leading suppliers of near real time management information systems to the care home sector. Its digital point of care recording system is used for 50,000 service users across over 1,500 care providers in the UK. There are an average of 50 care actions recorded per service user per day (2.7 million records a day), which evidence the detail of the care people receive. The PCS system “Mobile Care Monitoring” reduces paperwork and gives carers more time to care. The PCS philosophy is person-centred; providing benefits to everyone involved in care by delivering exceptional tools.  



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