Data scientists.
join our community.

Data scientists.
join our community.

Who Are

T-DAB.AI is a data science service provider curating a profit and knowledge sharing community of data scientists and data science professionals.

Matching the project’s needs, we recruit from within our community, individuals, or teams of data scientists, to deliver industry-leading data science solutions.

We are revolutionising the freelance data science workforce.

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"T-DAB connected me with an exciting startup where I completed a successful short contract. Having the knowledge and experience of the T-DAB network behind you makes you feel part of a bigger team, whilst retaining the flexibility and variety of contract work. T-DAB offers the best of both worlds."

What we offer you.

We are proud to be
revolutionising freelancing.

We truly believe in the in the power of cooperation.

Flexible opportunities

At T-DAB.AI, we believe that by coming together, we can provide the benefits of working as independent contractors and consultants whilst also retaining the benefits of being part of a wider organisation at the forefront of a rapidly changing marketplace.

considered Service

We give a personalised service to understand your skills, your career goals, and to match you with potential clients more appropriately than generic IT agencies.

we understand you.

Our core team are data scientists; uniquely qualified to speak the same business and technical language with you and our clients.



"I was headhunted by T-DAB for a contract building a market research product. T-DAB advised me and guided me through the process and we worked together on the initial advisory and proof of concept work. I was very impressed not only by the technical professionalism but also how open and honest about the work involved and day rates T-DAB was. In addition, T-DAB provided a high level of support for me. This gave me great confidence as we now went in with great synergy and as equals which is unusual in freelance consultancy or my experience of recruitment agencies. This is unlike any other model of working for freelance consultants and I have no hesitation working with Eric and T-DAB again. They ooze professionalism, expertise, courtesy, and respect. Most importantly, they listen to you because you are also an expert. "


"Securing a work contract through T-DAB was an effortless experience, from the transparency of the process through to the flexibility of the work contract T-DAB set the bar well above their competitors. The ethos adopted by the staff promotes a friendly and productive relationship – a critical asset in the contracting sector. I thoroughly recommend T-DAB to any digital nomad wishing to work on small-scale projects in their own time."


"I really enjoy working with T-DAB.AI. They let me focus on delivering intellectually challenging solutions to fascinating problems, with enthusiastic and animated people. Long may it continue. "


If you are a data professional of the highest calibre, we’d love to welcome you as a member of T-DAB.AI. We’re looking for any of the following roles

Emily Lacey-Boyce


Hello May! As we welcome the new month, we are looking back at the busy and exciting months of March and April. We were so busy in fact, we’ve rolled two months’ worth of roundup material into one. We are nothing but efficient, right? Sit back, relax, grab a coffee, and let’s catch you up on everything we’ve been up to the past 2 months…

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Artificial Intelligence
Emily Lacey-Boyce

T-DAB.AI win Innovate UK Grant for OctaiPipe

T-DAB.AI has secured an Innovate UK grant for their OctaiPipe project, which aims to develop a secure and privacy-preserving machine learning platform for IoT and edge devices. The project will focus on four main axes to address vulnerabilities in machine learning for IoT and promote the rapid adoption of OctaiPipe at scale.

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Emily Lacey-Boyce


After a long cold January, we soon saw the shortest month of the year, February! Whilst brief, it was still busy and action-packed here at T-DAB.AI. Here’s what we got upto…

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