Demystifying Data Science

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T-DAB.AI set out to Demystify data science…

…deliver cutting edge and cost-effective data science solutions, and build an alternative working model for freelance data professionals


Over 12 months ago, we set up T-DAB.AI with three aims:

  • Demystify the hype around data science,
  • Provide companies with cutting edge but cost-effective access to data science solutions, and,
  • Build an alternative working model for freelance data professionals.

Since then, we’ve had an outstanding level of engagement from industry and we are seeing our community grow and thrive. We’ve helped numerous businesses deliver key data science projects and find clarity in their approach to unlock real value from their data. Our community leaders and solutions teams are delivering the latest technology insights and driving best practices to ensure our customers obtain and retain a competitive edge through the use of their data. We’ve also been building our accelerator framework and blog series to deliver our insights to market.

Whether it’s as simple as understanding consumer trends in retail and marketing, or as complex as machine learning to improve R&D innovation cycles, data and data science should be at the core of the business strategy as a key revenue generating and cost saving function. As a modern, end-to-end data science service provider, we’re here to ensure you get every bit of value from your data and we’re equipped to address the business challenges of the data age.

We’ll be covering many of our projects, as well as our framework and other industry insights in our blog. Sign up using the link at the bottom of this page.


Demystifying the hype around data science

In our efforts to demystify the hype around data science, we devised a simple framework to help businesses explore the possibilities with their data. We adopt a design thinking approach to keep the business at the focus of the approach and operate an agile methodology to provide businesses with flexibility to learn fast. You can read more about our framework on Our Services page but please also get in touch with the team if you have any questions.

We are also building out our blog series to feature updates on our latest projects, industry trends and technology whitepapers, and we are delivering a workshop series for customers to understand their data & AI readiness. This has been developed with our business value process at the core and helps our customers understand where their key blockers are to be a Data Hero.

We’ve also been exhibiting at a range of fantastic events throughout the year and have many more to come. So, get in touch with the team if you want to understand your data readiness or join one of our upcoming workshops or events.

Cutting edge data science solutions

Our approach and many of our activities to date have helped us to focus on developing valuable data science solutions for our customers. This is primarily due to our desire to deliver value back to the business in short iterative sprints.

We’ve used our discover portfolio to help customers explore the realm of data science and determine what’s possible. Our build portfolio to then provide businesses with access to highly sought-after resource to deliver their projects, and our run services aim to optimise these features.

This framework allows us to quickly scope and mobilise projects that customers fear would otherwise take months to deliver and develop proof of concepts to demonstrate real ROI. Our ability to solve the difficult challenges helps our customer focus on what they really want. As a consequence of this, we can educate them on their journey to learn from the work we do.

These services are further enhanced by our partner ecosystem, and we’ve formed key partnerships with market leaders in technology and industry to deliver the best experience and advantages to our customers.


An alternative working model & community for freelance data professionals

Much of this activity would not be possible without the commitment of our data science community and it’s a real credit to those that have helped build out our trusted teams to date.

Our gamified platform, which rewards collaboration and contribution with community points, helps us engage many of the teams. But it’s the continued engagement on exciting projects that keeps the teams coming back. That and maybe the profit share from the business too!

You can find out how our model works by visiting our community page, and we’ll be releasing updates on the community via our blog. If you’re a data professional, join our platform and connect with the team, and we look forward to meeting you at one of our future community events.

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