cloud strategy for machine learning

Cloud Strategy for Machine Learning - Somark Case Study
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Digital transformation is changing the way we live our lives across the world, including in the lab, thanks to pioneering partnerships between pharma and tech.

Somark, an Australian pharma-tech company, is a leader in lab animal identification and data collection.

With each solution, the company strives to deliver new levels of accuracy and consistency and data welfare efficiently, as part of its mission to provide better science for researchers and better business for all.

The challenge

When Somark wanted to deliver its first cloud native product, SensaLab, on Microsoft Azure, the company’s in-house engineering team recognised the need for expert direction.

SensaLab®, powered by Digital Mouse, has a sole goal of improving the efficiency, accuracy and therefore scientific outputs to improve global health.

Just as important as delivering the technology that makes the difference, is the need for a solution with prices affording its adoption as an industry standard.

Faced with a range of choices: from which Azure products to incorporate to how to design and structure architecture, the team turned to data pioneers at The Data Analysis Bureau (T-DAB) for guidance from an experienced partner.

Alongside this, the Somark team had concerns surrounding security. Overcoming this would require a redesign of release processes around a microservices architecture for the cloud.


Working in close collaboration with Somark’s CTO, T-DAB undertook a security and architecture review.

Following the thorough review of each component, T-DAB recommended risk/TCO-weighted suggestions, to enhance the system architecture.

Running ‘what-if’ analysis around each feature underlined the need for API versioning, as well as canary deployments.

Recognising the product’s unique requirements, T-DAB custom-designed a centralised logging and monitoring system, enabling cost and utilisation analysis.

The smart solution leverages data processed, thanks to T-DAB’s custom-built BI product, which serves Somark’s internal and external users


T-DAB’s proven Azure expertise enabled Somark to meet its deadlines. Thanks to its robust engineering, there are no security or performance concerns.

The engineering team’s skills have developed just as significantly. The company is now capable of using deployment automation and versioning to deliver rapid feature updates and API changes.

What’s more, T-DAB’s custom business intelligence solution ensures Somark’s customers understand their own data, while allowing the Somark team to understand product usage patterns, as well as opportunities