Element six.
How a ready-to-go team of data experts guided super materials manufacturer to data-driven decisions

Element Six case study

Case Study

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift,” said Albert Einstein. While intuition can be helpful, relying on them solely is risky business. 

While gut-instinct can create the spark to head down a particular route, data allows for verification, understanding and assessment.  

Highly data-driven organisations are three times more likely to report significant improvements in decision making, according to research conducted by PwC.  

Incorporating data into the decision-making process can be complex and challenging without internal expertise, or so super materials manufacturer Element Six (E6) thought.  

The company is a global leader in the design, development and production of synthetic super materials 

The Challenge

The company understands the value of an innovative approach to deliver extreme performance in its materials, as well as its processes.  

The super materials manufacturer was keen to adopt a more data driven strategy and the team were particularly keen to incorporate data analytics and predictive analytics and machine learning technologies to the business, as well as innovation processes. 

E6 was at the start of their digital journey. With no internal expertise available, E6’s management team was looking for a trusted partner to integrate their strategic projects lead and technical team leads to ensure data expertise, strategic guidance and solution design. 

The Solution

Working alongside the strategic project and technical team leads, T-DAB delivered a range of services during the first six months of support.  

Strategic consultancy provided E6 with insight into the value and feasibility of data projects, allowing them to recognise the possibilities. T-DAB’s in-depth knowledge of the client’s business and its needs was put to good use by E6: advising on technology choices as well as technical recruitment to build and coach an in-house practice. 

As well as scoping and planning data projects, E6 liaised with technology providers and guided the team on the solution’s architecture design.  

T-DAB’s data-auditing services and data exploration allowed for the creation of a proof of concept, informing project planning and long-term decision making.   

T-DAB always emphasize the importance of collaboration, particularly between domain and technical experts, and in the case of such a broad brief, teamwork was of particular importance.  

A core requirement for the client was to build up an in-house data science team. Therefore, while T-DAB lead the technical delivery of the project, we also provided lasting legacy services including: 

    • Integration of client junior data scientists and engineers to the project team, working alongside T-DAB. Full integration into daily stand ups, weekly reviews, and team collaborative working tools provided by T-DAB. 
    • Provision of weekly technical help clinics for the client junior engineer 
    • Provision of weekly formal data science tutorial classes for the client junior data scientist 


T-DAB provided the technical expertise to drive and deliver the on-going projects, while ensuring the proper exchange of knowledge to allow E6 to make best use of and gain understanding of their smart tool. This ensured immediate but lasting value. Close collaboration, as well as an agile development framework allowed us work with in-house support teams to deliver the project into production. 

The Result

This close partnership provided E6 with a ready-to-go team of data experts – allowing them to get started meeting their goals with confidence. 

T-DAB’s experts, specialists in data science, data engineering, solution architecture and strategic data, enabled far faster progress across multiple projects.  

T-DAB’s high standards of service ensured the client benefitted from the clear direction and safety net necessary to ensure the project’s success – achieved through combination of technical expertise, flexibility and affordability. 

About T-DAB.AI

T-DAB.AI is data science and data engineering innovation company. We develop innovative, bespoke machine learning-driven solutions to allow anyone to infuse technology with the spark of predictive intelligence. 

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