AI Pioneer OctaiPipe selected for first British-German high-tech accelerator in Stuttgart

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OctaiPipe, a Federated Edge AI platform for Industrial IoT, has been selected to participate in the first UK-GermanyTech Accelerator programme in Stuttgart. The accelerator, initiated by the British government and supported by the Baden-Württemberg government, will be running from September 2024 to January 2025 and will be hosted at CODE_n – a prominent innovation hub in Stuttgart.

OctaiPipe and five other start-ups were selected from a pool of almost 50 applicants after presenting their market-ready innovations to a panel of British and German judges. Through the accelerator, the companies will benefit from access to startup support packages, and introductions to VCs and corporates including Bosch, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and ZF Friedrichshafen. Participating companies will also receive a fully-funded office space at CODE_n for the duration of the programme.

The city of Stuttgart, known as a leading European hub for global companies, is a strategic location for the accelerator. Stuttgart is in the state of Baden-Württemberg which has an economy similar in size to Sweden and is Germany’s largest exporter. Located centrally in Europe, it spends around €30 billion on Research & Development each year – the highest intensity of anywhere in Europe.

Chris Barton, British Trade Commissioner for Europe, said: “This exciting partnership with Baden-Württemberg underlines our shared commitment to producing world-leading technologies and creating future-oriented economies. Similar to Germany, the UK has a thriving middle class with innovative and fast-growing exporters. With this in mind, it is very fitting that our winners represent five of the nine UK regions. This shows how well distributed the UK’s $1 trillion tech sector is and the value of supporting the growing interest in bilateral business partnerships.”

George Hancock, CGO and co-founder of OctaiPipe said: “OctaiPipe’s involvement in the first UK-Germany Tech Accelerator underscores our commitment to revolutionise edge AI deployment, making it more efficient, secure, scalable, and resilient for on-device intelligence. Germany and the UK have a powerful technology ecosystem and this programme provides us with access to leading VCs and companies, further supporting our mission to ensure Critical Infrastructure can be trusted in the age of AI.”

About OctaiPipe:

OctaiPipe is a end-to-end Edge AI platform optimised for creating, deploying, and managing machine learning solutions in critical infrastructure environments. Deployments on OctaiPipe are more affordable, secure, scalable, and resilient for on-device intelligence due to its advanced on-device Federated Learning capabilities, as well as innovative edge MLOps technology. 

With its cost-efficient, accelerated and federated AI, OctaiPipe is removing the common barriers to market while maximising security and privacy, and minimising Cloud dependency and Cloud costs. OctaiPipe is headquartered in London, UK and is funded by a portfolio of investors including SuperSeed, Forward Partners, D2, Atlas Ventures, Growceanu Angel Investment, Kinled Holding, Martlet Capital, Gelecek Etki VC and Arm-backed Deeptech Labs.