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The Stress & Mental Wellbeing Assistant powered by AI & designed to help your organisation improve mental wellbeing levels

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The impact of Mental Wellbeing:

COVID-19 Disruption

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new sources of stress and anxiety. Due to social distancing, opportunities for people to discuss their wellbeing have been disrupted.

£45 Billion Lost

Every year the annual economic cost in mental wellbeing related issues amounts to at least £45 billion and this is predicted to increase in the current environment.

6.9 Million Working Days

Mental wellbeing accounts for 6.9 million lost working days per year.

“if you look after your staff, they'll look after your customers.
It's that simple.”

Richard Branson

SAM is Your Workplace Wellbeing Virtual Assistant

SAM is a conversational interface developed using Natural Language Understanding, Cognitive Services, and bespoke Machine Learning models.

SAM converses with you to monitor your personal mental wellbeing levels and allow you to easily access helpful information quickly.

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Our Mental Wellbeing Analytics Toolkit helps you monitor your mental wellbeing levels at work, understand your key influences and helps you access the resources you need in a simple and timely way.


You can undertake intelligent self assessments to obtain mental wellbeing levels, insights and suggestions and access resources that will give you the right answer to your questions or concerns.


Assess and understand your mental wellbeing levels wherever you are and in real-time in a completely private and anonymous way.


You can easily access the toolkit from any device and communication platform of your choice. On the go just, a click away, always available, just for you.


Through anonymous reports you can evaluate the overall state of your wellbeing, spotting patterns or peaks that show you when to make changes or what is contributing to high or low scores.

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THE Benefits Of Wellbeing Programmes

How it works for organisations

Our Mental Wellbeing Analytics Toolkit helps organisations monitor the mental wellbeing levels in the workplace, provide insights on key sources of stress and share vital information to employees when they need it most.

always In control of your privacy

Our mental wellbeing tool is designed with your privacy at its core. That is why we made sure that you are always in control, without exception.

You choose to opt-in to receive insights, support, be identifiable in dashboards and receive recommendations.

Stored Within Azure Instances

Anonymous aggregated statistics

Clear definition of the GDPR Controller and Processor

Individuals pseudo-anonymised

a little bit about us:

Smarter Data, Better Decisions

We are a data science and data engineering innovation company specialising in machine learning solutions.

We provide an end-to-end service, designed to take you seamlessly from ideation to prototype, through production and help you to scale.

We combine the best of cutting-edge science and business understanding, to deliver the highest quality data science solutions to our clients.

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we believe in data for good.

The Covid-19 pandemic sparked in us the idea of developing a tool that combined data with social purpose. 

how we acted


We developed an interactive dashboard that allowed the user to explore the story of testing across this area combined, as well as within specific regions.

Based on data from Person Centred Software (PCS), the dashboard  allowed the reader to follow the state of Covid-19 testing in care homes across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Moreover, it allowed associations and policy makers to address and evaluate the testing rate during at the highest pint of the contagion curve.

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