AI To Combat “Fake News”

Ai to fight fake news

Fake news. We’ve probably fallen victim to it once or twice, and it does a perfect job of illustrating how everyday technology platforms like Facebook can come with a few unintended consequences. We caught up with Inpulsus, a born-digital consulting firm that helps companies transform their marketing to try and answer the question: Can AI combat misinformation on social media?

How Is AI Enabling Chatbots For Good?

How Is AI Enabling Chatbots For Good

A combination of the sophistication of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and a desire to simplify the interaction between humans and computers has led to the popularity of chatbots. These virtual assistants have revolutionised retail and customer service, with a staggering 85% of customer interactions predicted to be handled without human agents by 2020 (Gartner). But […]

AI & Machine Learning in Finance & Portfolio Management

AI & machine learning in finance & portfolio management

What is the impact of AI & Machine Learning In Finance & Portfolio Management and how are they helping decision-makers have the best tools and assets to make the right decisions? Technology is a key component of asset management and is considered a vital function in many aspects of the financial investment process, ranging from […]

3 Ways AI & ML Can Change How You Interact with Our Workforce

AI & Machine Learning In The Workplace

Being in the aftermath of a global pandemic, the effects of the virus were felt by almost every worker in the UK. Millions of workers found themselves working remotely, with millions more placed on the government’s furlough scheme. Since that moment, businesses have had to rely on technology in order to keep their companies moving, […]