The ML & AI Opportunity in 2020

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Insights from IOT Solutions World Congress

IOT Solutions World Congress

How does Machine Learning play a part in the IoT solutions ecosystem? Explore our insights from the event & take inspiration from partner solutions and their journeys to the IoT Solutions World Congress 2019.

Agfa Graphics: A Data Driven Transformation Case Study

How capable is your team in turning business problems into data solutions? We think the answer is that it is so obvious! Agfa started with the business problem, Figured out how to use data to solve the problem, and, Presented it in an easy to access format for their people to action and improve. In […]

What is Data Science and Who are Data Scientists?

Making this possible from a skills perspective has seen a rapid increase in academically trained scientists taking the step into the private and commercial sectors. This has been in equal parts due to: A lack of funding in science and academia, An increase in graduates trained to PhD and MSc, Investment in data by the […]