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We believe in combining industry-leading data science and business acumen to deliver solutions to our partners. 

We are able to reliably do this by providing an opportunity for freelance data science professionals to work as part of a new community-based model of engagement.

And you may be wondering: why data science, why AI? Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms are the new frontier of human technology. If you need a competitive edge, you can no longer rely on a bigger saw or a better typewriter; in today’s technological climate, you need a faster brain.

That’s where we come in. Our expert data scientists are able to help you or your clients reach for excellence through bespoke, personalised technical solutions.

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Deliver data science and machine learning-driven intelligence and solutions to your clients by collaborating with us.

Our development framework makes it simple for you to offer big data solutions in a way that makes sense – especially for clients of yours who may not be familiar with the jargon and technicalities of data science.

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We are revolutionising the freelance data science workforce. From teams developing business-changing chatbots to industry-wide analytics models, if you’re passionate about using big data to make real, tangible difference, then we’re looking for you.

From your perspective, it’s also a rare opportunity to work on exciting, revolutionary data and machine learning projects on a freelance basis without having to be tied to a particular firm or agency.

Join us and become part of a bigger team today!

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We love to transform industries and businesses with cutting edge technology and innovative solutions.

We grow ideas into robust solutions for any problem you may be facing.