Leading Edge Hardware Manufacturer Partners with UK Edge AI platform

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As a world-renowned AIoT solution-ready package provider, EverFocus has established a partnership with the decentralized AI platform provider T-DAB.AI to provide rapidly deployable cutting edge AIoT solutions to their customers.

In the smart factory scenario, EverFocus’ Jetson Nano AI box (eNVP-JNN-AI-UB0000) & T-DAB.AI’s unique AI platform OctaiPipe combine to achieve flawless integration for several edge devices, which leads to an efficiency maximization for your factory.

T-DAB.AI and EverFocus recognise the unique value that their combined offering will be able to offer their customers in this enhance AIOT solution. The combined offering will provide edge computing that already has embedded the necessary AI software to build, deploy and manage
machine learning models on edge devices for a wide range of use cases.

Both T-DAB.AI and EverFocus will be able to offer their customers this joint value proposition thus both parties enhancing their market position in the burgeoning AI/edge market. T-DAB.AI will assist EverFocus expand in the UKI and European market through the combined offering.

Everfocus and T-DAB.AI are working with customer proof of concepts to showcase the technology. 


EverFocus is a world-class leader in smart security and smart transportation solutions. It mainly produces industrial computers, IP Cameras, and Mobile DVRs. 



T-DAB.AI is a technology company on a mission to revolutionise the building and transformation of Internet of Things (IoT) powered industrial businesses through decentralised artificial intelligence (AI).

Founded in 2016, T-DAB.AI has enjoyed year-on-year growth, winning large global clients across the industrial IOT sector as well as significant funding from Innovate UK. T-DAB.AI set out to solve the common challenges faced by data scientists across industry to rapidly develop, productionise and deploy AI models to the Edge at scale to solve high value industry use cases.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can deliver high ROI and new revenue sources across many applications in industry, but its widespread adoption is hampered by a lack of suitable machine learning infrastructure and the need to centralise data, which in turn leads to privacy risks, high costs, overdependence on cloud platforms and network availability.

To remove these barriers to AI for Industrial IoT, T-DAB.AI are harnessing a simple but revolutionary idea. Rather than move data from Edge devices to central cloud platforms to train algorithms, move the algorithms to the data and learn at the Edge. Intelligence is achieved by combining learning on many devices via a novel technology called Federated Learning.

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