A New Approach to Delivering On-Device Intelligence

Federated Learning with OctaiPipe

Train, Fine Tune, and Manage Federated AI for IoT

Interconnected devices are essential for the future resilience and performance of Critical Infrastructure. However, with increased connectivity comes increased risk and cost. Octaipipe enables trustworthy AIoT by embedded design, creating secure smart networks of devices that ensure the performance, resilience and efficiency of Critical Infrastructure.

Secure and Private FL for IoT

Make your IoT devices intelligent with private and secure AI. Leverage robust security and privacy features to ensure system security, data privacy, and compliance. Handle your sensitive IoT data confidently, knowing it stays securely where it belongs – at the edge.

Efficient and Resilient Edge FL-Ops

Decrease cloud dependency and reduce costs, all while accelerating the learning process. See significant cost savings in training, cloud infrastructure, and data transfer.

Trustworthy-by-Design AI for IoT

Build AIoT solutions you can trust to scale with OctaiPipe. Access a catalogue of optimised machine learning models to jump-start your journey. Make your AIoT systems more scalable and resilient with continuous collaborative learning.

Improve model

by x2

Reduce network
communication overheads

by x50

Cut training

by x100

OctaiPipe Enables You to Finally Unlock the Value of AI Using...

Optimised Edge AI for IoT

Improved AI performance in heterogeneous IoT data with continuous learning and finetuning

Private & Secure AI for IoT

Federated learning for IoT without compromising data privacy and ownership


Cost-Efficient AI for IoT

On-device learning and prediction minimise network data transfer and cloud compute costs


Continuously Learning AI for IoT

Learn across thousands of devices without centralising data, making your AIoT systems more scalable

Resilient AI for IoT

FL-Ops Edge-managed AI gives you lifecycle management that is less reliant on cloud services and network stability for on-device intelligence

Accelerated AI for IoT

Deploy up to 500 devices in 3 hours and reduce the number of learning cycles by 90%

OctaiPipe Removes Risk and Cost Barriers to AIoT at Scale

Rather than move data, we move models to the data - train models locally at nodes, then aggregate the models

Maximises privacy and security

Minimises data transfer and compute costs

Relies less on network or cloud connectivity

Immutable properties of dockerised pipelines ensure replicability and portability between devices and locations

OctaiPipe Is an Edge AI Platform for Critical Infrastructure IoT

Federated Learning for IoT

OctaiPipe delivers FL optimised for IoT, enhancing on device data privacy and security, and minimising network and cloud costs.

Edge FL-Ops

OctaiPipe maximises Edge AI performance and resilience, through automated FL-Ops delivering continuous collaborative learning across entire networks of devices.

FL for AIoT Toolkit

Pre-designed model architectures, graphical UI, tools and templates to speed up development of trustworthy AIoT solutions at scale

OctaiPipe Features

Rapid automated deployment with infrastructure as code

Cloud agnostic and portable

Seamless edge-cloud connectivity

Experimentation and model management tools

Automated and scalable model deployment to the cloud or the edge

AI managed FL-Ops for model deployment

Federated learning capabilities

Learning and prediction optimised for micro computers

OctaiPipe Runs on…

Compatible With All Major ML/DL Libraries

OctaiPipe builds models in ONNX format, making OctaiPipe solutions framework agnostic.