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Federated Learning with OctaiPipe


Hello May! As we welcome the new month, we are looking back at the busy and exciting months of March and April. We were so
T-DAB.AI has secured an Innovate UK grant for their OctaiPipe project, which aims to develop a secure and privacy-preserving machine learning platform for IoT and
After a long cold January, we soon saw the shortest month of the year, February! Whilst brief, it was still busy and action-packed here at
Federated learning is here to unlock greater privacy and accuracy in machine learning. Read our blog to explore its benefits, differences, and functions.
Welcome to the latest instalment of our blog series, a monthly newsletter where we look back at the highlights of the month and share what’s
World-renowned AIOT solution-ready provider, EverFocus, has agreed on a partnership with T-DAB.AI to integrate their Edge AI platform into their device portfolio.
Viewers will hear about: - How tech is transforming the supply chain - Dealing with demand volatility with predictive and prescriptive analytics - The future of supply chain and modern supply chain analytics
In the second part of the supply chain analytics for business, we discuss on how tech is transforming the supply chain whilst dealing with
Exploring Supply Chain Analytics for Business
Now, more than ever, a business's ability to react to the rapid shifts in the market is dependent on its supply chain and having visibility
AI inside & outside the factory
Manufacturers are resetting priorities around resilience, sustainability and operational excellence. AI & Machine Learning powered technologies are playing a vital part in accelerating capabilities and


Federated machine learning is quickly becoming the new gold standard for addressing the security, efficiency, and scalability challenges of traditional machine learning. However, this cutting-edge

Case Studies

cjc big data visualisation platform case study
A leading soft drinks producer was tracking customer and marketing data using elementary tools, such as excel spreadsheets. The raw data gave them limited insight into
Cloud Strategy for Machine Learning - Somark Case Study
Digital transformation is changing the way we live our lives across the world, including in the lab, thanks to pioneering partnerships between pharma and tech.
Element Six case study
Chemically, physically and visually identical to their mined counterparts, synthetic diamonds and tungsten carbide super materials promise the same benefits to industry… plus that bit
A leading high speed manufacturer, operating in over 36 countries, responsible for supplying many of the brands we know and love today, approached T-DAB.AI with
Benchmarking plays a critical role within manufacturing – allowing businesses to identify how to make their operations more efficient and profitable. Widely adopted as a
While predictive analysis has been around for decades, interactive and easy-to-use software solutions mean that it no longer requires mathematicians and statisticians to perform.


IOT Solutions World Congress
How does Machine Learning play a part in the IoT solutions ecosystem? Explore our insights from the event & take inspiration from partner solutions and