Secure & Resilient Federated Edge AI for Critical IoT

Deploy intelligent systems you can trust — faster, more securely, and at scale with OctaiPipe. Privacy at its core.
Federated Learning with OctaiPipe

Trustworthy AI at Unparalleled Scale

Our mission is to protect the world’s critical infrastructure by putting AI right at the heart of connected devices. The Octaipipe platform enables the deployment of a new generation of AI-enabled Internet of Things devices (AIoT) that makes critical infrastructure smarter through closed network Federated Learning - ensuring asset health, performance and security while minimising the need for data to move to the cloud.

Localised Intelligence

AI capabilities embedded directly onto devices reduce latency and enhance real-time decision-making.

Enhanced Privacy & Security

By minimising data movement to the cloud, we significantly reduce the vulnerability of your data to external threats.

Scalable Solutions

From ten devices to ten thousand, our platform scales with your needs without compromising on performance or security.

Through its optimised federated edge AI platform for IoT, Octaipipe is redefining AI deployment at the edge, paving the way for smarter, decentralised solutions that promise a more smart, secure, and sustainable future for critical infrastructure environments.
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With OctaiPipe...

Up to 500
Devices Deployed
in 30 Minutes
More Accurate
Than Centralised ML
Decrease in
Learning Cycles
Reduction in
Reduction in Network
Communication Overheads
Over 10x +
Reduction in
Traditional Cloud Costs
More Profitable
on Gross Profit Margins

Beyond the Numbers

Embodies the core principles of federated learning without compromising data integrity.

Supports massive scalability for large-scale operations.

Improves performance and security without sacrificing cost-effectiveness.

Ideal for critical infrastructure operations.

Guarantees secure collaborative intelligence for data privacy and security with our core technology, federated learning.

Making the World’s Critical Infrastructure Smarter and Safer

OctaiPipe leverages Federated Learning Operations (FL-Ops) to deploy AI at the edge, managing distributed learning across intelligent device networks. Unlike traditional methods that transfer data to the cloud, our approach keeps data on-device, ensuring privacy and security while reducing storage costs. OctaiPipe's federated AI removes market barriers, maximizes security and privacy, and lowers the cost of learning, minimizing reliance on cloud connectivity.

Optimizing Asset Health for IoT Enabled Systems

Energy grids, cities, telecoms, and security systems are becoming more intelligent due to the integration of IoT and Intelligent Systems. These critical infrastructures, existing in the physical world, require advanced management at scale to mitigate cyber threats and ensure resilience. Edge AI combined with Federated Learning Operations (FL-Ops) enables the deployment of on-device machine learning across IoT networks. This technology enhances the efficiency, sustainability, and security of critical infrastructure, making it smarter and safer.

Our Integrated Ecosystem

We ensure our platform integrates into your critical operations - accessible globally.

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