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Our mission is to protect the world’s critical infrastructure by putting AI right at the heart of connected devices. The Octaipipe platform enables the deployment of a new generation of AI-enabled Internet of Things devices (AIoT) that makes critical infrastructure smarter through closed network Federated Learning - ensuring asset health, performance and security while minimising the need for data to move to the cloud.
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Making the world’s critical infrastructure smarter and safer

Federated Learning Operations (FL-Ops) enables the deployment of AI to the edge and the management of distributed learning across a network of intelligent devices. Rather than move data from Edge devices to the cloud to train AI algorithms – with all the data storage costs and security concerns that entails – Federated Learning (FL) instead trains algorithms on-device at the Edge with data shared between devices in a decentralised network for continuous, distributed learning.

With its accelerated and federated AI, OctaiPipe is removing the common barriers to market while maximising security and privacy, minimising data transfers and lowering the cost of learning to rely less on cloud connectivity on a global scale.

Optimising Asset Health for IoT Enabled Systems

Continuous collaborative learning & FL-Ops for increased performance and resiliency

Energy grids, cities, telecoms and security are becoming more intelligent due to the use of a vast array of technologies, including the Internet of Things and Intelligent Systems. These critical infrastructures, which exist in the physical world need to be managed at scale. These cyber-physical systems are particularly vulnerable to cyber threats and therefore requires AI that is secured and resilient to outside influences.

Edge AI combined with a Federated Learning Operations system (FLOps) enables Critical Infrastructure companies to deploy on-device machine learning across any IoT device network. By deploying AIoT, critical infrastructure – and the world that depends on it – can become more efficient, sustainable, resilient and secure.

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