We are T-DAB.AI.
We deliver business value through machine learning solutions.
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About Us.

we are the data analysIs bureau.
we deliver business value through machine learning solutions.
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mission statement

T-DAB.AI is technology company on a mission to revolutionise the building and transformation of Internet of Things (IoT) powered industrial businesses through decentralised artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can deliver high ROI across many applications in industry, but its widespread adoption is hampered by a lack of suitable machine learning infrastructure and the need to centralise data which in turn leads to high costs, privacy risks, overdependency on cloud platforms and network availability.

To solve these barriers to AI for Industrial IoT, T-DAB.AI are harnessing a simple but revolutionary idea. Rather than move data from Edge devices to central cloud platforms to train algorithms, move the algorithms to the data and learn at the Edge. Intelligence is achieved by combining learning on many devices via a novel technology called Federated Learning.

To deliver this, T-DAB.AI has created a decentralised AI platform for industrial IoT: OctaiPipe. OctaiPipe represents a paradigm shift in AI solving high value industrial machine intelligence use cases whilst vastly reducing costs, privacy risks, and network or cloud dependency. Customers can either buy pre-built solutions or develop their own to deploy and scale on OctaiPipe.

OUR awesome team.

Our core group

DR Eric Topham

CEO & Data Science Director

Paul Calver

Paul Calver

CFO & Digital Manufacturing Director

Ivan Scattergood

CTO & Data Engineering Director

George Hancock

CGO & Business Development Director

Loredana Rubino

Head of Delivery

Our senior associate consultants
T-DAB.AI - James Cross - Senior Cloud Solutions Architect

James Cross

Senior Cloud Solution Architect

T-DAB.AI - T-DAB.AI - Oba Bajoma - Data Engineer Senior Associate Consultant

Oba Bajoma

Data Engineer

T-DAB.AI - T-DAB.AI - Darrin Morgan - Data Engineer Senior Associate Consultant

Darrin Morgan

Data engineer



cutting edge research

The community is more than a database of names and transient relationships. T-DAB.AI offers training courses to our community, to help them stay at the cutting edge of the rapidly changing data technology landscape. We also organise community events, inviting our community to share projects and problems, as well as discuss and debate the latest advancements in the world of data.

Built For You

T-DAB.AI curates a community of highly skilled data professionals. These associates provide invaluable skills, expertise and resource to allow us to tailor carefully our technical team profiles to the exact requirements of the client and the project.

part of something greater

Most importantly, we try to foster a warm community atmosphere, with social events and keeping in regular contact so that everyone feels part of the T-DAB.AI team.


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